Living Bliss Herbs Dry Skin Elixir is an all purpose superior concentrated face and nighttime eye cream as well as a luxurious whole body cream. DSE Helps with psoriasis and other skin conditions. This soothing and nourishing cream is made with organic healing oils (olive, jojoba, calendula), herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins C & E  suspended in a base of raw organic shea butter. It is lightly scented with natural essential oils of lavender, frankincense and grapefruit. This cream is so rich and naturally emollient unlike other commercial creams on the market today. It moves differently and is highly absorbent. A little goes a long way. 
Dry Skin Elixir - luscious skin nutrition in a jar, good enough to eat! 


​Thank you so very much for the phenomenal Beautiful Face Mist! What a fabulous gift!  I use it daily. It is so renewing and invigorating. Each time I close my eyes and mist my face, I see your smiling​ faces in my minds eye; and I smile too." - Carol T.

"I absolutely love my Beautiful Face Mist and Dry Skin Elixir Plus, My skin has never looked so good, even at my age!" - Barbara O.

Living Bliss Herbs Beautiful Face Mist is infused with 7 essential oils  that are known to replenish and moisturize the face, including macadamia nut oil and Vitamin C.  When directly applying the mist onto the face and allowing the mist to penetrate, this revolutionary formula oxygenates and hydrates the face, keeps pores clear, reduces inflammation and redness,  and improves the texture of aging skin. This rejuvenating combination deters wrinkles, age spots, and tightens while enhancing skin tone and elasticity. It is said that it will lift your face and your spirit to a higher vibration. Beautiful Face Mist has a naturally light and divinely refreshing fragrance. Ahhh!   You will see and feel the difference!

Plus C Oil infused Beautiful Face Mist   is the same  exquisite Vitamin enriched formula  enhanced with Plus C Oil for added skin nutrients of omega-3 and amino acids, and anti-inflammatory properties to calm and soothe with more anti wrinkle power. Shop/Store

Beautiful Face Mist

​Dry Skin Elixir

Skin Care 

Beautiful Face Mist &  Dry Skin Elixir
hydrate, moisturize &  replenish ​with herbs,​ essential oils, vitamins and with optional Vitamin C&E, Plus C/Hemp Oil 

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