"I did a lot. of heavy physical work yesterday and pinched a nerve in my neck. At 2am I could not sleep. With that Pain Salve Plus Salve I slept! This evening I had a lower backache, took ibuprofen and no help. The Pain Salve Plus - Pain Free in 10 minutes. This blows me away!! Thank you for a miracle product!"
- Catherine T. - (57)

"As an exercise trainer and fitness buff, I work out a lot and being over 40 +years old I'm in pain almost all the time.  I just gotta say, I cannot live without your Plus C Oil and Pain Salve Plus!!" I've tried many and your's raises the bar! Thank you so much your products  are a blessing"  Joe G. - (40+)

"I just received your Pain Salve Plus and rubbed some on my husbands shoulders and neck he could notice a dramatic difference within 10 mins. We are both going to continue using it. We are so happy to have connected with you and your wonderful products! I'll be sending more customers your way!"
-Janice & Dave L. (52 & 57) 

"I just wanted to get back to you regarding your Pain Salve Plus. I tried it this morning and I must tell you...Love, Love, Love It!! It really works and smells divine. Thank you!!"
-Donna G - (65)

" I just want to tell you that I am OBSESSSED! The mist is amazing. I just ordered the 4oz bottle and am still using the Dry Skin Elixir. I just wanted to say that I love your products! I spend a lot of time in the sun and when I use the mist, it makes my face feel amazing. I am definitely a loyal customer." -Michele M

"I'm enjoying all your Living Bliss products greatly...they have looked after me very well..THANK YOU!! -Kerry H (45)

Thank you so very much for the phenomenal Beautiful Face Mist! What a fabulous gift!  I use it daily. It is so renewing and invigorating. Each time I close my eyes and mist my face, I see your smiling​ faces in my minds eye; and I smile too." - Carol T.

"I absolutely love my Beautiful Face Mist Plus My skin has never looked so good, even at my age!" - Barbara O. (59)


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